Saturday, October 17, 2009

Miss "Z" - Baby Girl!

Tere contacted me a while back to photograph her new granddaughter, "Z". This is the first time I've photographed a premie this age, so I wasn't sure what to expect. "Z" is 3 months old and so adorably tiny! She may come in a little package, but her cuteness is endless!

I think we managed to get some great photographs of this little girl. Here's a mini sneak peek...

"Z's" parents Mel and Kevin (Tere's son), were very cute with their new baby. I love doing simple black and white photographs of parents and their young children. They're timeless photographs... simple and classic.

Thank you Tere for inviting me to spend time with your family!! It was a pleasure getting to photograph little "Z"!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pigtails and Puppy Tails

This post is a little sneak peek for my friend, Amy. I met up with Amy and her family two weekends ago to take some photos for them. Amy just got a new puppy, and she has an adorable niece... so of course, they got most of the camera attention!!

Amy's niece is one of the most adorable little girls ever!! Uh... those eyes are to die for! And her pigtails are too cute!!

Let me introduce you to two of the best dogs ever.

Black Lab on Left: Dakota - the BEST dog in the entire world!!

Yellow Lab on Right: June - the BEST puppy in the entire world!

If labs are just this well behaved, then I think I need my dog to hang around a lab pack. She needs some good influences.

There's no photoshop here... these dogs really were this good off leash!

Even when they are being tackled... best dogs ever!

OK... a few more of this cutie...

Amy, it was so nice meeting your family. I'll get your photos finished as soon as I can!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

One Sunday Morning...

Oh how fast children grow!! It always amazes me how many changes the first year of life brings. Some of you may remember when I did little "M's" newborn photos. Well, now she's six months old and just look how she has grown!

This time we did lots more family photos. Mom, dad, and big sister all joined in. "M's" big sister was happy to show me her modeling poses... and I just LOVE her heart dress!

Halloween is right around the corner... "M" is going to be a lady bug. And big sister is going to be a purple butterfly. The photo below may not show the entire butterfly outfit, but seriously... those blue eyes are awesome!! So I chose this photo to make all the brown eye people of the world jealous... me included.

Spending my Sunday morning photographing these girls was lots of fun. They are so super cute and I loved getting to see their halloween costumes!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Drop. Dead. GORGEOUS! Seriously... isn't she beautiful?!

I recently did some photographs for Awelle. She is getting ready to launch her new CD. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak listen to her new songs before the CD goes live. It's AWESOME! The music flows and feels good... and this girl can sing!!! Everyone out there is going to love her!

When her album is ready, I'll be posting more photos and letting you all know where you can find her amazing music. Until then, enjoy some super fabulous pictures of this super cool chick!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Katie - High School Senior!

Meet Katie. She's a super stylish high school senior who happens to be loads of fun!

I met up with Katie and her friend, Alex, in Tempe to do Katie's senior portraits. This blog is a little longer than usual... with more photos than I normally post. But we all had quite the adventure and I felt the story would be missing something without them.

We started our session at the train tracks in a nearby neighborhood. I loved how Katie's dress was such an awesome contrast against the rustic vibe of the tracks.

Alex spotted these yellow chairs and table when we were leaving the train tracks. Nice catch! I have no idea who lives there... no one was home. But I sure did like how their cat joined in on the pictures.

We headed back towards Mill Street for the rest of the photographs, but we tried to find places that were less obvious than what you'd expect from Tempe. So we made our way off the main drag and found some cool little spots.

I couldn't decide which of these next two photos to post... I like them both equally! So I posted both of them... it was easier than choosing.

This next photo is one of my favs. It is also about the time I laid down in the grass and was attacked by a bunch of ants. Seriously... I had a good 15 - 20 ants crawling all over my arm and those little things hurt when they bite you!

Moving on down the street... with my very numb arm, we continued our adventure...

I did not expect the light to go down as fast as it did. I guess summer is officially over. So I had to get creative, break out my flash, and figure out how to work the very, very low light.

Katie is a singer (she's in choir in school), so we used the microphone to incorporate her passion in the photographs. The moody light worked in our favor... I really like how these photos came out. She looks like she is in a rock video.

Thanks Katie for letting me take your senior photos! I had tons of fun hanging with you and Alex!


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