Saturday, August 1, 2009

Family Visit

Day 1

After one cancelled flight yesterday and one delayed flight today, my family finally made it to Phoenix for a visit.  I still think they are a little crazy for coming here in the summer, but hey... you can't really believe this kind of heat until you experience it.  And when my two cousins jumped in my pool and came up for a breath, the first thing they said was "the water is hot!".   Yup...  that's Phoenix for you this time of year.  Our pool water is hotter than bath water.

But they still had fun swimming.  Below are a few shots of the end of their tiring day.

And of course, Lucy is super excited we have company.  She all over the kids like a they are her new best friends.  Lucy hasn't figured out that she's a little over the top and not everyone wants her crazy energy around them.  She hung out with us by the pool and made her own fun, since she's super scared of the water and refuses to go in the pool like a normal dog.

Day 2

We woke up yesterday morning and took Lucy to the dog park. My cousins have never been to a dog park before. I don't think they were impressed, but to be fair, there were hardly any dogs there and it was hot.

A little later in the day, we headed to Scottsdale for some shopping. We stopped off at Vision Quest first where I stocked up on some sage. Then we made our way to Old Town where the girls bought some cool jewelry. It was insanely hot in the middle of the afternoon walking around the streets!!

Cooling off in the misters.... one second of relief!

After Old Town, we went to Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall for some more shopping and to get out of the heat. We had lunch at PB Loco, and also stopped in Anthropologie, my all time favorite store! The girls picked out these too cute stuffed animals. Even though I'm 32, and I think I want to go back and get myself one because they are so darn cute!

Day 3

We took it easy and stayed home. It's just too darn hot out there. The girls went swimming, and then we made some ShrinkyDinks. If you're a child from the 80's, then you know all about these things. We also played the Wii and watched TV. It was a good day.

Lucy had a good day too... relaxing and being lazy.

Day 4 - Last Day

We HAD to stay inside because the heat is just too crazy.  So we went to the Science Center for some fun indoors.  It's a pretty cool place for kids...  and adults!


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